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Everything you need to go from overwhelmed to owning it in your photography/creative business.

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I’m a coach, photographer, goof-ball and entrepreneur.


I have 2 ways of helping others:

1- FOCUS MASTERMIND: this is a 10 week program to help photographers go from stressed and scared to successful and confident with a 5 step process called FOCUS. You'll learn all you need to grow your business, live with freedom and peace, all with a group of supportive women behind you.

2- High end one-on-one coaching. This is custom coaching for photographers who fit this criteria:

-been in business for over 2 years

-has had success, but wants additional streams of income

- wants to start educating others and building freedom and flexibility

- is driven, is a risk taker, and is READY to evolve and grow

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3 ways to grow:

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Best investment I've ever made. The mastermind changed everything and I am forever grateful.

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Stop thinking about it, just GO FOR IT. Tracy knows her stuff and your business and LIFE will thank you later.

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Once a quarter, I teach a FREE masterclass going over the 5 step FOCUS process. Sign up to get notified when the next one is announced!

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